Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Total Computer Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of professional services, from network design to implementation, maintenance and support. Your time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your outsourced IT department / we can assist you and your business.

To help you to ascertain if and how we can help you, we have included definitions of our services that we hope will make sense of some of the technical jargon that seems to proliferate the IT industry. 
We Support the Following Operating Systems:

                           Phone/Tablet:            Server:
Windows 7/8/10                             IOS                                  Win Server 2013/2016
Apple OSX/Sierra/High Sierra   Android                           Linux Server (ask)
Linux Ubuntu/Mint/Red Hat       Windows Mobile                      

Legacy Systems

Apple Xserve
Windows XP/Vista
Computer Repair

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you can drop off your PC or Mac, or we can send a technician to you to perform troubleshooting, maintenance, or repair. 
Computer Upgrades

Is your computer running slow, but you aren't ready to spend the money for a new one yet?  A performance upgrade might be the solution for you.  We can research, purchase, install, and configure an upgrade package that is tailored to your needs.  Whether it's a memory, hard drive, processor, or video card upgrade, our techs can install the parts to make your baby hum like new again!
Systems Integration

"Systems Integration" is just a fancy way of saying "make all of the independent pieces work as one unified system."  If you're a small business owner, and you've recently purchased a large-scale fax/copier/printer/scanner that you'd like to set up to scan and print on all of your office workstations, well then, you're in need of systems integration. 
IT Project Management

Need to upgrade your server? replace your network infrastructure? roll-out new PCs?  All of these are projects that require hands-on planning and implementation to go smoothly.  We can take on this burden for you, so you can continue to run your business, and we will follow-through to ensure satisfactory completion.
Needs Assessment

Oftentimes we want to accomplish something, but we don't know how to translate that need into plain language so that we can act on or implement it.  "Needs Assessment" is the process by which we can help you to turn your undefined need into an actionable plan. 
Network Planning and Implementation

Setting up a network for a business can be a daunting task.  "Do I need a server with a domain, or just a work group?"  "How many systems will be on the network?"  "How many users will be on the network?"  We know the questions to ask to help you determine what kind of network you will need.  We will work with you to ensure your needs are met, including staying within your budget.  We will then setup your network per your specifications.
Email Filtering

Do you get a lot of spam?  Does it drive you bonkers?  If you are on an Exchange email server (if you're not sure, we can figure it out for you), we can filter your email so that your spam load is greatly reduced*.

(*Exchange email only)
Exchange Email Hosting

Do you have your own email domain?  Do you want to have your calendar, contacts, and notes all synced to the same account?  If so, ask us about our email hosting package rates.  You can have your email locally hosted here at our facility in Napa.*

(*slots are limited)
Antivirus Monitoring

Are you worried about malware such as ransomware and other viruses?  We are partners with Sophos, so we are able to provide licensing, installation, and monitoring.  When ransomware first began to appear, Sophos was the first company to offer an enterprise product to combat this scourge.  We became partners in an effort to help safeguard our clients.
WiFi Planning and Installation

Do you need to fix your WiFi?  How about setup a new WiFi network?  Our team can troubleshoot your existing WiFI, or install a Ubiquiti system.  In the even of the latter, we can plan, quote, and implement a WiFi system to meet your needs.  Don't like Ubiquiti?  That's OK.  We will install and support the system of your choice.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

In case you were not already aware, your internet connection can be used to make phone calls.  Using VOIP technology, we can set you up with a phone system that utilizes your existing internet line to make phone calls or send faxes. 
Vendor Management

Do you enjoy dealing with software or hardware vendors, or -- worse yet -- your internet service provider (ISP)?  Let us sit on hold and play phone tag with your vendors on your behalf.  Our technicians speak tech fluently, so we're easily able to wade through the often murky waters of technical jargon, buzzwords, and geek speak, so we can get to the solution.
IT Consulting

Do you have IT-related questions?  Give us a call and we can help you to navigate the treacherous waters of IT uncertainty.  Our techs will provide you the information to make your decisions more easily.
PC/IT Equipment Sales

Do you need a new PC, Mac, server, switch, printer, router, etc.?  We offer reselling services for any device you may require.  Even if you need a computer-operated puppy scratcher, we will scour the web to locate a device that fills your needs, then deliver, setup, and configure that device.  Best yet, since we are a Dell authorized reseller, every* Dell product we sell comes with a 3-year ProSupport warranty. 

(*only includes items purchased directly from Dell.)
Network Security

Does your network need to be secured?  Have you been told you need a firewall, VPN, enterprise antivirus, or security monitoring?  If you use your network to conduct business or store employee information, then yes, your network does need to be secured.  If you're afraid of being hacked, spoofed, or phished, we can check your network for vulnerabilities, then plan and design a security system to fit your specific needs, concerns, and budget.
Data Restoration and Retrieval

In the event that your system is damaged or compromised, we can (in most cases) restore or retrieve your data. 
Web Content Filtering

The web can be a risky place, particularly if you are trying to run a business without unneeded distractions for your employees, or if you are trying to protect your children from exposure to adult material.  We can design and setup a web-content filtering system (e.g. Barracuda) in your place of business, or implement safeguards on your home computers, smartphones, or tablets to help you keep your children safe. 
Backup Solutions

If you need a means by which to secure your data against equipment failure, we can assist you with creating and implementing a backup solution to meet your company's needs.  We offer services ranging from a simple backup to an external hard drive using Windows Server Backup, File History, Backup and Restore, or Time Machine, to Backup Exec, to a Network-Attached Storage unit fully integrated with the Cloud using iDrive online storage.

We at TCS will teach you how to use your equipment.  We won't just install your equipment and leave; we will actually spend the time to show you how to use your equipment.  We will even customize your equipment to make it easier for you to use.